Vitalising Day Cream for Any Skin Type

with natural rose water

50 ml
Article code 92540

Day cream with natural rose water based formula extracted from the Bulgarian Damask Rose. This cream refreshes the skin of the face improving its smoothness and elasticity. Thoroughly moisturizes, nourishes, soothes, and relieves the skin in depth. The rose elixir maintains the natural hydro-balance of the epidermis. This product is suitable for any skin type.


rose water

Natural Rose Water

Extract from the blossoms of the famous Bulgarian oil-yielding rose. It has the magic power of clean natural ingredients and is anti-inflammatory and softening.

rozov ekstrakt

Rose Elixir

Product extracted from rose leaves. The rose elixir strengthens the skin barrier and improves its stamina, to create a feeling of freshness and energy.


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